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Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 (Box of 25)


Length: 4 1/2"
Ring Gauge: 52
Flavour: Medium-Strong 
Vitola: Petit Robusto
Smoking Time: 55 mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 96/100

Indulge in the Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 Cigar:

Introducing the Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5, an understated gem from the renowned Cohiba range. As part of the majestic Maduro series, this Petit Robusto offers a captivating smoking experience with its rich flavours, nuanced profile, and tightly packed construction.

Discover the Maduro 5 Series:

The Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 is part of the Linea Maduro 5 series launched in 2007. Each cigar in this series is meticulously wrapped in a dark Maduro leaf, specially aged for five years. With its 4½-inch length and 52-ring gauge, this Petit Robusto stands out in any humidor, showcasing its stunning appearance and inviting dark brown Maduro wrapper.

Unveiling a Flavourful Journey:

Ignite the Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5, and experience a journey of flavours that will captivate your senses. The initial third entices with a combination of leather and dried earth notes. As you continue smoking, the flavours evolve, revealing robust espresso coffee beans and a light, flowery finish. The smoke is thick and rich, with hints of spicy coffee and cowhide.

A Rich and Nuanced Experience:

The Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 delivers a densely textured smoke that is both rich and nuanced. The draw becomes lighter as you progress through the cigar, offering glimpses of light chocolate notes. However, the final third truly delights, as your palate is enveloped in the flavours of cocoa and juicy floral nuances, leaving a lasting impression.

Experience Cohiba Excellence:

As the flagship brand of Habanos, Cuba, Cohiba is synonymous with excellence in the world of cigars. The Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 exemplifies this legacy, combining superb craftsmanship, aged Maduro leaf, and an unforgettable smoking experience. Embrace the true essence of Cohiba and elevate your cigar enjoyment.

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