Surrey Cigars

Davidoff Aniversario Double "R"


Length: 7 1/2"
Ring Gauge: 50
Flavour: Medium 
Vitola: Double Robusto 
Smoking Time: 65 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars:  96/100

The generous length of the Davidoff Aniversario Double 'R' allowed Davidoff Master Blenders to really indulge in their passion, creating an extremely harmonious, unconventional, and multi-layered blend, spanning four different tobacco harvests. The end result achieves a sublime balance of leather and pepper.


Aniversario Series: Elevate Your Moments

The Aniversario Series by Davidoff is dedicated to celebrating life in all its glory. Each cigar in this series introduces unconventional harmonies of aromas and irresistible aftertastes, elevating your cigar experience to new heights. The Aniversario Double "R" is no exception, offering a unique and memorable smoke.

The Special R Experience: Unconventional Excellence

What sets the Davidoff Aniversario Double "R" apart is its wide ring gauge, which allows for the inclusion of three unconventional tobacco leaves in the filler. Paired with a Piloto tobacco binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper, this slightly unconventional approach results in an exceptionally harmonious smoking experience.

A Symphony of Flavours: Spices and Nuts

As you savour each draw of the Double "R" , you'll notice the density of the smoke, which serves to highlight the pronounced flavours of spices and nuts. This unique combination creates a palate-pleasing symphony that evolves throughout your smoking journey, providing a rich and satisfying experience.

Your Escape: Davidoff at Surrey Cigars

Surrey Cigars invites you to escape into the world of Davidoff with the Aniversario Double "R" Cigar. Whether it's a special occasion or a moment of relaxation, this cigar promises an exquisite and unforgettable smoking experience. Elevate your cigar collection with the harmonious elegance of Davidoff, available exclusively at Surrey Cigars.

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