Surrey Cigars

Montecristo Especial No. 2


Length: 6"
Ring Gauge: 38
Flavour: Strong
Vitola: Laguito No.2
Smoking Time: 40 Min

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 94/100

Montecristo Especial No.2 Cigar - Unorthodox Creation, Exquisite Taste:

The Montecristo Especial No.2 cigar defies convention with its pigtail cap and full-bodied strength. It boasts robust flavours of Asian spices and precious wood, creating a sensory delight for cigar enthusiasts. This exceptional blend perfectly complements Pacific Island cuisine's sweet and sour cooking and pairs harmoniously with fruity and floral white wines from the new world. Savour this cigar as it ages gracefully in your humidor, waiting for the perfect moment to be enjoyed.

The Iconic Montecristo Profile:

Montecristo is not just a brand but a symbol of excellence in the cigar world. Named after Alexandre Dumas's famous novel 'The Count of Montecristo,' this brand has captivated cigar enthusiasts worldwide. Since its establishment in 1935, Montecristo has set the benchmark for quality and craftsmanship. Today, the range of Montecristo cigars offers various vitolas to cater to the diverse preferences of cigar aficionados. Each cigar is meticulously handcrafted using selected filler, and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone, known for producing the finest tobaccos in the world.

The Legacy of Montecristo in the UK:

In the UK, Montecristo cigars are imported by Hunters & Frankau Ltd, continuing the tradition established by the then-importer John Hunter Morris & Elkan Company Ltd. Look for the distinctive EMS (English Market Selection) mark of quality on every box of Montecristo cigars, ensuring an authentic smoking experience.

Explore Montecristo at Surrey Cigars:

Surrey Cigars invites you to discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and exquisite taste of Montecristo Especial No.2 Cigar. With a rating of 94/100 by Surrey Cigars, this cigar is a testament to its exceptional quality. Visit our retail establishment in Guildford, Surrey, or browse our online store to explore a wide selection of premium cigars and accessories. Elevate your smoking experience with Montecristo and indulge in the world of fine cigars.

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