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Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos


Length: 6 5/8"
Ring Gauge: 45
Flavour: Medium/Strong
Vitola: Delerios
Smoking Time: 50 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 95/100

Experience the Uniqueness of Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos Cigar

At Surrey Cigars, we take pride in presenting the Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos Cigar, a Cuban classic testament to the rich heritage of cigar craftsmanship. Exclusively available at Surrey Cigars, this cigar offers a truly exceptional experience. 

A Unique Vitola in the Habanos Portfolio

The Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos Cigar is no ordinary cigar. It boasts a unique vitola (size) known as "Delirios" within the prestigious Habanos portfolio. Measuring 6 5/8" in length with a 45-ring gauge, this cigar is presented in exquisite, clear, lacquered boxes, each containing 20 meticulously crafted Cuban cigars.

Exclusivity and Elegance in Every Detail

With two distinctive bands adorning each cigar, you'll immediately recognize its exclusivity. The first band proudly bears the classic Partagás emblem, a symbol of uncompromising quality. The second band signifies its distinction as part of the exclusive network of Havana Cigar Specialists and La Casas del Habanos.

A Taste That Defines Partagas

Despite its unique size, the Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos Cigar encapsulates the quintessential Partagas flavour. Known for its deep, earthy notes, the character of this blend emerges from a meticulously selected combination of filler and binder leaves cultivated in the renowned Vuelta Abajo zone. These leaves are chosen for their unparalleled richness in flavour and aroma, ensuring that each draw is a genuine Cuban delight.

A Heritage of Excellence

Regarding famous cigar factories in Havana, none shine as brightly as Partagas. Established in 1845 by the visionary Don Jaime Partagas, this iconic factory has been crafting cigars bearing his name for generations. The legacy lives on in every Partagas cigar, instantly recognizable by its deep, earthy undertones and rich character.

Discover the Authentic Partagas Experience Only at Surrey Cigars

Elevate your cigar journey with the Partagas Aliados Casa Del Habanos Cigar, which is exclusively available at Surrey Cigars. Immerse yourself in the essence of Cuban cigar craftsmanship and savour the deep, earthy flavours that define this renowned classic. Experience the allure of Partagas, a brand steeped in tradition and unmatched excellence.


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