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S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter (Brushed Grey)


Dimensions:45 x 68,2 x 15.3mm
Chrome, Lacquer

S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter (Brushed Grey)

Surrey Cigars is proud to introduce the latest innovation from the esteemed house of S.T. Dupont - the Défi Extrême Lighter in Brushed Grey. This masterpiece of engineering and design sets a new standard for performance and durability in luxury lighters. With its robust construction and advanced functionality, the Défi Extrême is designed to accompany you through every adventure, challenge, and moment worth savouring.

Unparalleled Design and Performance

The brushed chrome Défi Extrême Lighter boasts an assertive, dynamic, and decidedly masculine design that symbolizes high performance. Its unique construction combines a body of high-precision injected metal with a semi-rigid jacket, offering unmatched protection and durability.

Ergonomics and Aesthetics Combined

The Défi Extrême is not just a lighter; it's an everyday "object d’art." Its intuitive ergonomics and tactile features, including the distinctive diamond head pattern, ensure that it feels as good in the hand as it looks to the eye.

Advanced Technological Features

This lighter's powerful and stable blue torch flame can resist the most violent winds, making it effective in the most challenging conditions, from temperatures as low as -10°C to as high as +45°C. It also operates at altitudes of more than 3500 meters, where other lighters fail to function, ensuring reliability wherever you find yourself.

Maintaining the Elegance: Care Instructions

To preserve the elegance of the S.T. Dupont Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter, we recommend the following care tips:

  1. General Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to clean all surfaces. Avoid solvent-based products, which can damage the materials.

  2. Lacquer Care: Treat lacquered surfaces with the same care as eyeglass lenses. Fog them up and gently wipe them with a soft cloth. The lacquer used is almost completely acid-proof and highly resistant to shocks, scratches, friction, and water.

Your Companion for Every Occasion

Whether braving the wilds, navigating the urban landscape, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquillity with your favourite cigar, the S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter in Brushed Grey is your reliable companion. Its blend of elegance, performance, and durability makes it an indispensable accessory for the discerning individual.

Discover the S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter at Surrey Cigars today, and elevate your experience with a lighter that stands as a testament to the art of living well.

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