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Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto


Length: 7"
Ring Gauge: 48
Flavour: Medium-Strong
Vitola: Robusto 
Smoking Time: 60 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 96 /100

#1 Cigar Aficionado's Cigar of the Year 2011 

Experience the Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto Cigar:

Step into a world of exceptional cigars with Alec Bradley. Founded in 1996 by Ralph and Alan, Alec Bradley Cigar Company was born out of their passion for cigars. Since their first creation, Occidental Reserve, in 1998, Alec Bradley has continued to develop cigars that excite both themselves and cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

Discover the Acclaimed Prensado Robusto:

Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill cigars achieved an outstanding 96 score and claimed the prestigious title of Cigar Aficionado's Cigar of the Year in 2011. This long, extra full-bodied, box-pressed cigar is a dreamboat brimming with complex, dark, spicy tobacco flavours. The Trojes Corojo wrapper adds power and taste, delivering a truly classic smoking experience.

Uncover the Story Behind Prensado:

"Prensado means a lot to me and the Alec Bradley story," says the creator. Crafted at the renowned Raices Cubanas ('Cuban Roots') factory, the Prensado pays homage to Cuban cigar-making traditions. The filler is expertly rolled 'entubado,' the head is triple-capped, and the finished cigar is masterfully box-pressed. Blended with proprietary estate-grown Corojo from the Trojes region of Honduras, Prensado's exceptional quality led it to be named Cigar Aficionado's "Cigar of the Year," propelling Alec Bradley into the heart of cigar culture.

Why Choose Surrey Cigars?

At our store, we take pride in offering a meticulously curated selection of premium cigars. Experience the award-winning Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto Cigar, a 7" masterpiece with a ring gauge of 48 that provides a satisfying smoking time of approximately 60 minutes. Rated 96/100 by Surrey Cigars and honored as Cigar Aficionado's Cigar of the Year in 2011, this cigar epitomizes excellence and craftsmanship.

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