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Camacho Nicaraguan Toro


Length: 5.9"
Ring Gauge: 54
Flavour: Medium- Strong
Vitola: Toro
Smoking Time: 65 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 87/100

Discover the Camacho Nicaragua Toro Cigar:

Indulge in the Camacho Nicaragua Toro cigar, renowned for its intense pleasure and robust smoking experience. From the beginning, Camacho cigars have embodied a full-frontal, all-out flavour that pushes the boundaries of traditional cigars. With a length of 5.9" and a ring gauge of 54, this cigar guarantees a satisfying smoke that will leave you craving more.

Unleash the Flavor of Nicaragua:

Experience the distinctive flavor profile of Nicaraguan tobacco with the Camacho Nicaragua Toro. This cigar delivers robust, spicy, earthy aromas that captivate the senses. The retro-nasal notes of pepper add a subtle spiciness, while the delicate sweetness of dried fruit and cinnamon provides a well-balanced and multifaceted smoking experience.

Intense Pleasure Unleashed:

Camacho cigars are known for their bold and full-bodied nature. The Camacho Nicaragua Toro is no exception, offering a smoke that is full of character and intensity. Every puff is a journey into a world of flavor, where the robustness and strength of the cigar leave a lasting impression.

Uncover the Camacho Nicaragua Toro Cigar:

Our store proudly presents the Camacho Nicaragua Toro cigar, crafted to perfection. With a smoking time of approximately 65 minutes, you'll have ample opportunity to savor the rich and complex flavors. Rated 87/100 by Surrey Cigars, it guarantees a smoking experience that excites the palate.

Choose Camacho for Unforgettable Moments:

We understand the desire for a cigar that pushes the boundaries and delivers an unforgettable experience. You unleash intense pleasure and indulge in robust flavors with the Camacho Nicaragua Toro cigar. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, this cigar promises a journey that will leave a lasting impression.


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