Surrey Cigars

Davidoff Winston Churchill Artist Petit Corona


Length: 4.4"
Ring Gauge: 41

Flavour: Strong
Vitola: Petit Corona
Smoking Time: 30 min

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 92/100

A Tribute to Winston Churchill, The Artist:

Sir Winston Churchill was not only a renowned statesman but also an accomplished artist. His love for painting provided him with an escape from the responsibilities of office and offered a creative outlet. Just as Sir Winston expressed his artistry on canvas, the Davidoff blenders have crafted the Winston Churchill Artist Petit Corona with meticulous attention to detail. This petit corona vitola embodies the intensity and passion of the artistic temperament.

Intense and Flavorful Experience:

The Davidoff Winston Churchill Artist Petit Corona delivers a robust smoking experience. With a length of 4.4" and a ring gauge of 41, this petit corona vitola offers a quick yet satisfying smoke, perfect for moments of relaxation. Stronger, roasted notes and peppery oakwood undertones characterize the cigar's flavour profile. Each draw brings rich and intense flavours embodying the artistic spirit.

Appreciate Sir Winston's Work in Style:

Just as Sir Winston Churchill admired the artistry of life, you can savour the Winston Churchill Artist Petit Corona while appreciating his remarkable contributions. The combination of craftsmanship and flavorful tobacco creates a cigar that is both a tribute to Sir Winston's legacy and a delightful smoking experience. Whether you're taking a moment for yourself or enjoying it in the company of fellow enthusiasts, this petit corona is sure to impress.

Visit Surrey Cigars for Artistic Flavors:

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