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Les Fines Lames - The Punch Bracelet (Red Jasper)


A stylish and wearable cigar punch, fitting for any attire. 

Drawing inspiration from high-end timepieces and exclusive releases, this attractive accessory houses a 7mm cigar punch.

  • Bracelet length - 15cm to 21cm
  • 10mm beads
  • Made in France, 316L stainless steel blade
  • The only cigar cutter to pass airline security checks

Hematite stone is metallic in appearance and has the particularity of producing a reddish streak when a line is marked on its surface, hence its name "Hematite", which is rooted in the Greek word for "blood", haimatos. This particularity makes the Hematite an evolving stone, marking itself with its own history.

How does it work?

The Punch Bracelet by Les Fines Lames operates in a few easy steps. First, remove your bracelet from your wrist and open the clasp to reveal the blade. Then, twist the blade into the cap of your cigar, and voilà!

What's in the Box?

The box includes your Punch Bracelet and a cleaning tool to take the cigar bit off your punch every 5-6 punched cigars.

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