Surrey Cigars

Meluha Navi Maduro Short Robusto


Length:  4"
Ring Gauge: 50
Flavour: Strong
Vitola: Short Robusto
Smoking Time: 90 min

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 96/100

Meluha Navi Maduro Short Robusto

Enticingly dark and full-bodied, this shorter cigar never falls short of flavour and pure pleasure.

What makes a Meluha undeniably exceptional comes down to the process and the final product. An average cigar will take two to three years to make. A Meluha takes seven to nine years, from the initial planting of the tobacco seed to the finished blend.

The result is a taste that is fuller-bodied and bolder, lingering on the palate and memory long after the last puff. The rolling of a Meluha also takes longer because of the cigar’s large ring gauge.

The industry standard varies much but is rarely above a 54 ring gauge. Meluha cigars have a 66 ring gauge, a size that takes to longer to roll and fill but that smokes consistently well, evening out the flavours throughout the cigar. The larger ring size also means the head is resistant to heat, however close one smokes to it.


Strong and earthy with a hint of spice, the signature Meluha series of cigars are an indulgence in sheer luxury. Lighting one will be the start of an exhilarating adventure and the beginning of total surrender to the senses.

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