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My Father Wood and Glass 4-Cigar Ashtray


My Father Wood and Glass 4-Cigar Ashtray

This handsome ash catcher features the iconic My Father logo and will make an excellent addition to any smoke den.

Brand: My Father Cigars
Model: Ashtray
Style: Wood
Length: 7.96 in. / 202.18 mm.
Height: 1.55 in. / 39.37 mm.
Width: 7.96 in. / 202.18 mm.
Weight: 52.30 oz. / 1625 g.
Package: Box
Country: China

Elevate Your Smoking Space:

Enhance your smoke den with the My Father Wood and Glass Ashtray, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility. Featuring the iconic My Father logo, this ash catcher goes beyond being a mere accessory; it's a statement of your refined taste.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the My Father Wood and Glass Ashtray, meticulously crafted with precision. The blend of wood and glass exudes an air of sophistication, while the dimensions of 7.96 inches in length, 1.55 inches in height, and 7.96 inches in width provide ample room for your cigars. With a substantial weight of 52.30 ounces (1625 grams), this ashtray is a true embodiment of elegance.

An Icon of Prestige:

The My Father Wood and Glass Ashtray stands as an emblem of your passion for cigars and your appreciation for quality craftsmanship. Whether you're indulging in solitary contemplation or savoring the camaraderie of fellow aficionados, this ashtray adds a touch of prestige to your smoking experience.

Thoughtfully Presented:

Delivered in an impeccably designed box, the My Father Wood and Glass Ashtray arrives with the grace and elegance it deserves. This makes it an exquisite gift for a fellow enthusiast or a cherished addition to your personal collection.

A Tribute to My Father Cigars:

As an extension of the esteemed My Father Cigars brand, this ashtray pays homage to a legacy of excellence. The iconic My Father logo serves as a reminder of the brand's commitment to quality and tradition.

Elevate Your Moments:

Transform your smoking moments into extraordinary experiences with the My Father Wood and Glass Ashtray. Discover a new level of sophistication that seamlessly merges form and function. Explore this exceptional accessory at Surrey Cigars and redefine your cigar lifestyle.

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