Surrey Cigars

Padron No. 50 Family Reserve Maduro


Length: 5"
Ring Gauge: 54
Flavour: Strong
Vitola: Robusto
Smoking Time: 
60 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 96/100

A Legacy of Excellence: Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro

At Surrey Cigars, we take pride in offering you the finest cigars, and the Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro is no exception. This exceptional cigar boasts a 5" length, a robust 54-ring gauge, and a bold, strong flavour profile that will delight cigar enthusiasts.

A Story of Success: José Orlando Padrón

The journey of the Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro begins with a remarkable story of perseverance and dedication. José Orlando Padrón, the founder, embarked on his cigar-making venture in Miami with humble beginnings – a single cigar roller, 25-cent cigars, and an uncertain future. It was a chance encounter with a customer's desire for a different cigar, reminiscent of the Cuban fuma, that set the course for Padrón's success.

Awards and Accolades: The Most Decorated Cigarmaker

Over the years, Padrón cigars have evolved from those modest beginnings. The company recently celebrated its 50th year as one of the most decorated cigarmakers globally. What sets Padrón apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro: A Masterpiece

The Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro is a true masterpiece, beautifully pressed and perfectly crafted. With every puff, you'll discover a symphony of rich, earthy notes, complemented by the unmistakable essence of coffee and the signature cocoa bean quality that defines Padrón cigars.

A Remarkable Milestone: 50 Years

Founded in 1964, the Padrón Series was the inception of the Padrón legacy. This premium, hand-crafted, long-filler cigars are meticulously cured, aged, and blended using vintage sun-grown tobacco leaves. The result is an aroma, taste, and consistency that pays homage to the traditional Cuban cigar-making process, a standard that Padrón has upheld throughout its history.

Experience Excellence: Surrey Cigars

At Surrey Cigars, we invite you to experience excellence in every draw with the Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro. This cigar is a testament to the dedication and passion that have made Padrón one of the most acclaimed names in the world of cigars. Elevate your cigar collection and indulge in the legacy of Padrón with this remarkable cigar, exclusively available at Surrey Cigars.

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