Surrey Cigars

PDR Cigars El Criollito Short Gordo


Length: 4.25
Ring Gauge: 58
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Short Gordo
Smoking Time: 30 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 82/100

Discover the Unique Blend of PDR Cigars El Criollito Short Gordo

At Surrey Cigars, we are excited to offer the PDR Cigars El Criollito Short Gordo cigar, a testament to the innovative craftsmanship of the PDR Cigar factory. Led by Master Blender Abe Flores, the factory has been creating some of the most acclaimed cigars in the industry for over a decade.

The Excellence of PDR Cigars

PDR Cigars, committed to quality and consistency, selects only the finest tobaccos from countries like the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, and the United States. The El Criollito Short Gordo is a prime example of this dedication. Rolled in the classic Cuban entubado method, it offers an exceptional smoking experience that reflects the factory's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

El Criollito: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

El Criollito stands out with its finely-aged Nicaraguan Criollo and Dominican blend, complemented by a hearty San Andres Mexican binder and an exquisite Ecuadorian Criollo Rosado wrapper. This unique combination delivers a medium flavour profile that is both complex and satisfying.

A Journey of Flavors

Smoking the El Criollito Short Gordo is a journey through a symphony of flavours. From the first draw, you'll experience the rich blend of tobaccos, each contributing unique characteristics to create a harmonious and memorable smoking experience.

Join the Elite Circle of PDR Cigar Aficionados

With accolades, including top 25 rankings and nominations for prestigious awards, PDR Cigars has established itself as a leader in boutique cigar making. The El Criollito Short Gordo is a shining example of this excellence. We invite you to cut, light, and experience what many consider the best-kept secret in premium boutique cigars.

Explore the PDR Cigars El Criollito Short Gordo at Surrey Cigars

We at Surrey Cigars proudly present the PDR Cigars El Criollito Short Gordo. Its unique blend, exceptional craftsmanship, and a Surrey Cigars rating of 82/100 represent the pinnacle of boutique cigar artistry. Discover this exquisite cigar and immerse yourself in the rich tradition and innovation of PDR Cigars.

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