Surrey Cigars

Rocky Patel DBS Robusto


Length: 5 1/2"
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium
Vitola: Robusto
Smoking Time: 50 Minutes

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 89/100

Experience the Boldness of Rocky Patel DBS Robusto Cigar

Surrey Cigars is proud to present the Rocky Patel DBS Robusto, a cigar that stands out for its unique blend and bold character. Contrary to what some might think, DBS does not refer to an Aston Martin but rather to 'double broadleaf selection', highlighting the two distinct types of broadleaf used in the blend.

A Unique Blend with a Mexican Twist

The DBS Robusto is not just another cigar; it's a statement. While it incorporates a double broadleaf selection in its blend, the wrapper is a Mexican San Andrés varietal, adding a unique twist to its flavour profile.

A Cigar That Speaks Volumes

This cigar is a fast-talking mover-and-shaker in the world of premium cigars. It makes no apologies and needs no amends, letting its quality and intricacies speak for themselves. Actions speak louder than words; the DBS Robusto proves this with every draw.

A New Era in Cigar Smoking

Beneath its world-class exterior lies a cigar that commands respect as much as it delivers quality. The DBS Robusto doesn't just defy convention; it transcends it. From the first draw, you'll know you've stepped into a new era of cigar smoking, where boldness and elegance coexist.

Introducing the DBS by Rocky Patel

The DBS by Rocky Patel is more than just a cigar; it's a statement. Three letters that represent a new benchmark in cigar making. Prepare to discover a cigar that is as commanding in presence as in flavour.

Explore the Rocky Patel DBS Robusto at Surrey Cigars

At Surrey Cigars, we are excited to feature the Rocky Patel DBS Robusto. This cigar not only represents the innovative spirit of Rocky Patel but also offers a unique and deeply satisfying smoking experience. Explore this exceptional cigar and immerse yourself in the world of premium cigars, where boldness and craftsmanship meet.

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