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Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary Toro


Length: 6"
Ring Gauge: 52
Flavour: Strong
Vitola: Toro
Smoking Time: 70 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 93/100

Celebrate Two Decades of Excellence with Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary Toro Cigar

Surrey Cigars is excited to present the Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary Toro, a cigar that marks two decades of Rocky Patel's innovative and bold approach to cigar making. This cigar is a tribute to the legacy that began 20 years ago, setting a new standard in the cigar industry.

A Bold Creation

Twenty years ago, Rocky Patel embarked on a mission to create the boldest, most multifaceted cigar he could imagine. The result was The Edge, a collection that has become one of the most beloved in the last two decades. The Edge 20th Anniversary celebrates this journey of innovation and excellence.

A Unique Blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran Excellence

The Edge 20th Anniversary features a unique blend that showcases Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos, highlighted by a rigid, unwavering outer shell. This blend is complemented by a rich Sumatra wrapper from the fields of Ecuador, aged for over 10 years. The result is a cigar that is not just well-rounded; it's aerodynamic in its complexity and flavour profile.

A Masterpiece from Every Angle

From every perspective, The Edge 20th Anniversary is a clear-cut masterpiece. It represents the culmination of 20 years of passion, dedication, and innovation in the world of premium cigars.

Experience the Legend of The Edge 20th Anniversary

Experience the Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary Toro today and become part of the legend that's been 20 years in the making. This cigar is more than just a smoke; it's a celebration of a legacy that continues to shape the cigar industry.

Discover The Edge 20th Anniversary at Surrey Cigars

At Surrey Cigars, we proudly feature The Edge 20th Anniversary Toro by Rocky Patel. With its high rating and commitment to quality, this cigar represents the pinnacle of Rocky Patel's craftsmanship. Explore this celebrated cigar and immerse yourself in the world of premium cigar artistry.

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