Surrey Cigars

Studio Tobac Nub Cameroon Tubos 460


Length: 4"
Ring Gauge: 60
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Rothschild Gordo
Smoking Time: 30 mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars - 90/100

The Epitome of Innovation: Studio Tobac Nub Cameroon Tubos 460

Surrey Cigars is excited to present the Studio Tobac Nub Cameroon Tubos 460, a testament to the inventive spirit of cigar crafting propelled by Sam Leccia's relentless pursuit of the perfect smoke. Hailing from the esteemed Oliva Cigar Company, the Nub concept revolutionised the cigar industry upon its UK debut in 2009, challenging preconceptions and setting new benchmarks for quality and design.

Compact Powerhouse of Flavour:

Do not be deceived by its compact appearance; the Nub Cameroon Tubos 460 is a formidable cigar, densely packed with as much tobacco as a traditional Churchill, yet designed to deliver an immediate and lasting 'sweet spot'. This medium-bodied marvel combines Nicaraguan filler with a rich Cameroon binder, unfurling sophisticated notes of hay, nuts, and earth with each puff. The secret to its instant flavour delivery remains a closely guarded secret by the Oliva family, adding to the mystique of the Nub experience.

A Trailblazer in Cigar Craft:

The Nub Cameroon Tubos 460 embodies the innovative approach of Studio Tobac, offering smokers a unique experience that defies its diminutive size. With a burn time comparable to much larger cigars, the Nub provides an intensive flavour journey from the outset, thanks to its strategic design and exceptional construction. It stands as a beacon of creativity, outmatching attempts by others to replicate the distinctive Nub experience.

Designed for the Discerning Smoker:

Encased in a tube for freshness and portability, the Nub Cameroon Tubos 460 caters to aficionados seeking both convenience and excellence. This cigar not only captures the essence of what makes the Nub line so revolutionary but also serves as a medium-bodied masterpiece that invites smokers to rethink what is possible within the confines of cigar engineering.

Discover the Unmatched Nub Experience at Surrey Cigars:

At Surrey Cigars, we are proud to offer the Studio Tobac Nub Cameroon Tubos 460, a cigar that encapsulates the spirit of innovation that defines the Nub series. Inviting you to experience the richness and complexity of a meticulously crafted cigar in a unique format, the Nub Cameroon Tubos 460 promises satisfaction from the first light.

Join us in celebrating Studio Tobac's artistry and vision. Explore the Nub Cameroon Tubos 460 and immerse yourself in a smoking experience where tradition meets innovation, and every cigar is an adventure waiting to be savoured.

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