Surrey Cigars



Length: 4"
Ring Gauge: 60
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Rothschild Gordo
Smoking Time:  30 mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars  - 90 /100


This cigar has been hand rolled in Nicaragua and dressed in a deep and dark Maduro wrapper from Brazil, over select Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.

A novel concept derived from Sam Leccias passion and desire for the perfect cigar. They appear short but do not be fooled the Nubs are a hefty cigar and contain the same amount of tobacco as a standard Churchill with a comparable burn time. Where a smoker would usually expect to be patient and allow a standard Churchill to develop the Nub delivers an almost instantaneous flavour. How does this work? We don’t know, the Oliva family is keeping this one under their hats for others to aspire to. Other companies are trying to match the Nub experience but none have yet to match the smoking experience.

 Nub packs a whole lot of tobacco into a small package. Nicaraguan filler and a rich Cameroon binder make for a medium-bodied smoke with notes of hay, nuts and earth. The unparalleled construction gives way to a perfect burn.

From the Oliva Cigar Company, Nub is a concept cigar, launched in the UK in 2009. Nub cigars are considered one of the most innovative cigars around. Many makers have tried to copy, but they cannot match the superb quality and consistency of the Nub. The cigars are packed with blends of tobacco to capture the perfect essence of a cigar.

Nub cigars are the results of the search for the ‘sweet spot’. By shortening the overall length of the cigar, while significantly expanding its ring gauge; these cigars have an immediate and sustained ‘sweet spot’. They also deliver a more flavourful and complex smoking experience.

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