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NEW - Trinidad Cabildos Limited Edition 2024 - Box of 12 Cigars


Length: 6, 1/8"
Ring Gauge: 46
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Nuevos
Smoking Time: 60 Mins

Rating by Surrey Cigars: 98/100

Trinidad Cabildos Limited Edition 2024 - Box of 12 Cigars

The Trinidad Cabildos Limited Edition 2024 is a testament to the rich history and refined craftsmanship of Trinidad cigars. Measuring 6 1/8 inches with a 46 ring gauge, this limited edition cigar draws its name from "Cabildos," referring to the social associations during Cuba's colonial era, symbolising community and tradition.

Celebrating Heritage with Exquisite Presentation

In honour of the brand's 55th anniversary, Trinidad Cabildos cigars are elegantly packaged in numbered, adorned boxes resembling books, each containing twelve cigars. The boxes feature golden accents on the lid and spine, adding a touch of luxury to your bookshelf or humidor and marking this special milestone in Trinidad's illustrious history.

World Debut at Habanos World Days

The Trinidad Cabildos Limited Edition 2024 has a definitive launch date and will make its grand debut in London during the prestigious Habanos World Days event, beginning in June 2024. This exclusive launch underscores the cigar's significance and the anticipation surrounding its release.

Experience the Tradition of Trinidad

Surrey Cigars invites you to indulge in the Trinidad Cabildos, a cigar that embodies the essence of tradition, community, and craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of premium cigars, this limited edition offering promises a unique and memorable smoking experience. 

Explore the elegance and heritage of Trinidad with 12 Cabildos, available in a beautiful cigar case designed to preserve the quality and enhance the presentation of these exceptional cigars.

Discover the Trinidad Cabildos Limited Edition 2024 at Surrey Cigars and celebrate the legacy of one of the most revered names in the cigar world.

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